3 Creative Ways for Kids to Celebrate Father's Day!

Looking for ways to help your little one say ‘thank you’ to Dad this Father’s Day?

Petit Collage, our eco-conscious children’s brand, suggests using this Father’s Day as an opportunity to get creative! Here are three super fun & creative ways to help your little one show their love for Dad this year... 

1. Make him a recycled card!

Petit Collage loves recycled art (did you know the brand started out with a little owl collage?). So, we suggest making Dad a card made of recycled materials! Fold a piece of recycled craft paper in two and get decorating - here are a few different sustainable methods you can use...

  • Dig out old Christmas and birthday cards and cut out the best bits! Glue them onto your craft paper to make your own original design.
  • Find some recycled items around the house and draw or paint around them. Tubes, yoghurt pots and other small objects are all fun and easy to paint around. This will make for a contemporary-looking and exciting card with loads of unique and interesting shapes!
  • Say it with (recycled) flowers! This fun recycled flower art project will make for a beautiful card. You’ll need 2 pieces of construction paper, some newsprint, buttons, glue, scissors and a marker. You can write your message on the back, or say it out loud as you hand Dad these special, long-lasting flowers!

2. Gift him a "Scribble Mug"... 

...because who doesn’t love a good scribble? This Scribble Mug Craft is super simple, and it will make Dad smile every time he drinks his coffee. 

You’ll need:

  • 1 white ceramic mug
  • Painters Pens (available in any craft shop)
  • Decorative stickers (alphabet letters, stars…).

To make, apply the decorative stickers on the mug, then get your little one to scribble around them in various colours. Once the mug is full of creative scribbles, take off the stickers to reveal the words and patterns! Put the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F (approx. 180°C) to seal in the design. 

Don't forget to take his mug to him first thing on Father's Day morning, so he can enjoy his first drink of the day in it!

3. Whip up a Dad-tastic breakfast feast!

Impress the socks off Dad by making a recipe straight out of one of Roald Dahl's books! Our favourite breakfast choice is Fresh Mudburgers from James and the Giant Peach - to be served with a revolting relish!

(If you love all things Roald Dahl, make sure to look out for Petit Collage's splendiforous range of Roald Dahl licensed games & puzzles, due for release this autumn!).

Want to keep impressing Dad with amazing food all day? Here's Petit Collage's blog post on 5 Fun & Family Friendly Recipes. You can use it as inspiration to write up a whole day's menu for him!

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