5 Alternative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and you’ve probably seen plenty of flowers, candles and scented soaps by now. But those gifts aren’t for every mum.  

From Millennial Mums to Pet Mums, there are plenty of different kinds of mums out there – and various ways to be a mum.

To make sure that all mums get the love and praise they deserve, we’ve curated a selection of less traditional, more ‘inclusive’ Mother’s Day gifts.

Whether you’re shopping for your own mum, looking to make your partner who's a mum feel special or wanting to make a mum friend smile, we’ve got five alternative gift ideas to inspire you…

For Millennial Mums...

Roughly one in five mums nowadays is a Millennial, which means that one in five mums is likely to have grown up shaped by technology, in a ‘highly connected’ world.

If you’re friends with a Millennial Mum, you’ll know she’s probably strapped for time, juggling family, friends, social media, work, her own blog… The list goes on! 

She’s got a lot on her plate - so why not help her out with some sassy stationery from Yes Studio? Our Sticky Notes Set is great for those who are trying to keep on top of everything – and those in need of a bit of sass!


For ‘Best Friend’ Mums…

You’d turn to her for almost anything. She’s the one you exchange books, romcoms and nail polish with. When the woman who brought you up is also your best friend, conventional Mother’s Day gifts may not seem very inspiring! 

How about you make this Mother’s Day all about quality time together? Settle down for an evening together with our 1000-piece Inspirational Women’s Puzzle to celebrate one of the most inspirational women in your own life!


For Pet Mums…

Pet Mums are mums, too! They love and care for their pets every day, often making them the centre of their world. 

Whether as a gift for a pet mum friend or for your pet ‘partner’, show them you care with a ‘one for me/one for my human’ gift from Wild & Woofy. This Pin & Tag Set will mean that her and her beloved dog can show the world their special connection at all times!


For Plant Mums…

For that friend who has seriously green fingers. Her plants are beautifully healthy, and she never forgets to get plant sitters for them when she goes away. Her house is always leafy, green and abundant.

She’ll no doubt appreciate these three beautiful pots for her newest plant babies…

For that mum who’s just everyone’s Mum

She always has the kettle on the boil, just in case someone knocks on the door in need of a warm cuppa and a chat. Her house is always full of people. She’s so warm and caring that everyone wants to adopt her as a mum.

 Show her how much she means to you with this beautiful set of retro Orla Kiely coasters. Perfect for all those cuppas she hands out!