Frighteningly Fun Games Brought to you by Ridley’s!

Happy Halloween! What are your plans for this spooky day? In case you’re in need of some inspiration, this post is for you.

Halloween is usually associated with wearing scary costumes and trick or treating your way around the local neighbourhood, but this doesn’t have to always have to be the case as there’s lots of fun things you can do in the house! With the cold, dark nights drawing in there’s no better time than to break out your game board collection and spend enjoyable evenings playing games with friends and family.

If you’re looking for a game to spark the imagination, banish boredom and open up a world of immense fun this Halloween, then look no further, Ridley’s Games have got you covered!


Avo' go at this fast paced and fabulously funny card game! A fresh twist on the game of Snap, you'll need to think and act quickly if you want to win! For 2 or more players, ages 6+ and 10 minutes of gameplay. ‘’I was working in the games room late one night, when my eyes beheld an eerie sight. For my avocado from its plate began to rise, and suddenly to my surprise It did the smash. It did the Avocado Smash’’


Get a caffeine buzz with the Caffeine Hit Game from Ridley's Games. This stimulating and strategic game is all about collecting caffeine points, serving up a few action cards to stir the pot and de-caffeinating your opponents to take the lead. For 2-6 players. Ages 12+. 20 minutes gameplay.


Prepare for battle and get slamming! This super sumo game will test your throwing skills as you take turns to slam your sumo into the dohyo ring and win points for landing positions. A rapid-fire, high energy contest for 2 or more players that you can play anywhere and everywhere - take it away in its very own noodle box with sushi-style carry case. Ages 7+. 15 minutes playtime.


How far would you go to save yourself? Totally selfish behaviour and utter ruthlessness will be needed to stay alive in this game. Only one astronaut can get home on the remaining oxygen supplies and you must battle against wormholes, asteroid fields, laser blasts and most dangerous of all, each other, to win! Full of clever puns and pop culture references, this ruthless strategy card game includes 5 player cards, 1 spaceship card, 42 space cards, 48 oxygen cards, 30 game cards, a place marker and instructions. For 2 or more players, ages 7+ and 20 minutes of gameplay.


Up your word count with this race-against-the-clock letter game. Set out the tiles and fill in those blank as fast as you can. The wordiest one wins! A fab family game that will help build vocabulary and can be played on-the-go. For 2 or more players. Ages 10+. 60 minutes gameplay. 

Put on some eerie background music, grab yourself a toffee apple to munch on & let the games commence!