Start the New Semester in Yes Studio Style!

Yes Studio’s bold stationery collection has been designed to appeal to those who like their products to be as playfully outspoken as they are.

So whether you’re gearing up for a new school term, preparing yourself for life as a fresher, or perhaps you’re a returning university student, stationery-wise we have everything you need to get ready for the new academic year - whilst letting your enigmatic personality & opinions shine through at the same time!


Personalisation Kit - £15

Make your folders, jotters and laptop personal with this Express Yo'Self Sticker Kit!


Goal Planner - £20

Your personal motivator to help you power through your daily, weekly and monthly goals!


Mixed Emotions Pencils - £12

Feel free to contradict yourself all the time with this creatively colourful kit.


Glow Getter Highlighter Set - £8

With a street-smart slogan printed on each glow pen, you'll be telling it like it is!


Busy Introverting Pen & Pouch - £15

This vibrant stationery duo set is perfect for making notes in the library.


Things I Can’t Say Out Loud Zip Pouch Notebook - £10

The quietest people have the loudest minds…


I Never Finish A5 Notebook - £10

Essential to writing down the notes or ideas that you’ll try to get around to… but probably won’t.


I Would Like to Announce A5 Notebook - £10

Let’s be honest. None of us really know what we’re doing but be proud of your ability to fake it until you make it!  

Check out the entire Yes Studio range HERE.